Company History

20 Years

JML Investment Group LLC was created in 2003 by a French Family. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit JML became a fast growing highly diversified company. Founder of Elite Jets Co, private aircraft Management company in Dubai

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We aim to create close relationships with each one of our partners built on trust, transparency and confidence, and to provide you with the very best comprehensive solutions to your company’s expansion plans, no matter how big or small.

This is complemented by a thorough understanding of the culture and constraints of the Arab world, making JML your preferred partner in Dubai where nothing is impossible.

JML has envied access to a range of opportunities in the region due to its own business reach and vast network of contacts

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Chemical & Petrochemical Trading

At JML we are dedicated to fulfilling the evolving demands...

JML Consultancy Services

JML Consulting is a distinguished consultancy firm renowned for its...

JML Corporate Service

We help you to set up your dream business in...

JML Engineering

JML Engineering supports its customers at every stage of their...

JML Technology & Defence

JML has always been a leader in new technologies and...