JML entered into a new stage of development with its African arm
In 2013.

As a result of JML’s expertise and unrivalled knowledge of Africa and the Middle East, the company has been involved in a wide range of strategic partnerships in those regions, mainly in the fields of infrastructure, water, energy, and transportation. JML is also active in the security and defence sectors, and markets a wide range of leading equipment and cutting-edge technology solutions. In the medical and trading sectors, JML collaborates with highly qualified partners to meet the customers’ specific local requirements and needs.

jml in africa

In 2013, the JML group has strengthened its network of West African subsidiaries in Conakry, Abidjan and Dakar. By 2015, JML will pursue its international development strategy by consolidating its position in Africa through the opening of new subsidiaries in countries where it is already active.



JML Group is involved in infrastructure projects in sectors such as energy (hydroelectricity, coal, gas, wind, solar energy), water, roads, railways, ports, and airports, in whatever mode (EPC, PPP, BOO, BOT).

The strong international demand for mineral resources opens up tremendous opportunities for ensuring Africa’s sustainable growth - JML Group is capable of mobilizing foreign investments, in support of mineral resources development, while respecting the principles of good social, economic and environmental governance.



On the agro-industrial level, JML Group is relying on the expertise of highly specialized partners to carry out new challenging projects, for which it is able to secure the requisite financing, and thus contributes to the rural development of the country involved, improving food security, whilst promoting poverty alleviation.

In the medical and trading sectors, JML collaborates with highly qualified partners to meet the customers’ specific local requirements and needs.



Governments need to find bold and innovative ways to implement enhanced security measures, especially physical security and cyber security, that also aim to ensure foreign investments protection in order to maintain the current economic growth level of the country.

JML offers specific expertise and provides personalized turnkey services and solutions, which includes providing equipment and safety systems from internationally recognized manufacturers, covering radio communication, border control, law enforcement, crime investigation, biometry, video surveillance, internal security and national defence.



JML’s new medical division, in partnership with a worldwide leader in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, covers most aspects of the industry chain, with the ability to supply not only medicines, medical consumables and equipment, - but also local manufacturing units and turn-key hospitals (including management services).

or JML’s trading arm, our added value is also based on our adaptability and responsiveness, enabling us to meet our customers’ every need, anywhere in the world, and whatever their requirements (consumer goods, equipment, construction equipment, agri-food products).