We help you to set up your dream business in UAE

We can be your Liaison office in UAE

We help you to obtain your business license and UAE Residence Visa.

JML Supports our partners in achieving our shared objectives by :

  • Providing an in-depth understanding of political, economic and cultural issues, which enables JML to successfully advise, implement and manage commercial developments worldwide for internationally renowned companies.
  • Minimal risk, maintaining long-term relationships and utilizing JMLs and our partners' key strengths has proven to be key in developing and leveraging business relationships in commercial markets throughout the region.
  • Utilizing our far-reaching network of professionals and leaders in various industries and fields to provide consultation and advice.
  • Managing all costs internally 
  • There is no guarantee in the business, but with JML, we are very confident that perspective partnerships will be profitable and prove extremely beneficial to all.
JML Corporate Service