Our Vision

By continuing to explore attractive partnerships and develop our investment portfolio in local and regional markets, JML aims to provide real value-added service to current and prospective partners, while bringing an alternative lifestyle - based on European quality and unparalleled innovation to the Middle East.

Our Mission

JML seeks to deliver innovative investment solutions and service excellence to the world's leading brands. We share our deep industry knowledge and regional experience with our trusted partners, and work together to achieve our common goals in the UAE and beyond


Capitalising on a sound reputation and uncompromising values, while combining established French roots with an international network of offices and talent, JML knows no limits. By eagerly exploring new horizons in established and emerging business sectors from our headquarters in Dubai, JML's passion for challenging new projects and hunger for success is boundless.

All about JML investment Group:

  • Created in Dubai by Jacky Fleschen and his son Marc in 2003, JML is a multi-disciplinary group specializing in project development, consulting and representation services, which operates in key markets and jurisdictions worldwide.
  • JML offers a wide range of personalized services that cover projects from identification and conception through to implementation, providing high-quality solutions including financial structuring and partnership building.
  • As a result of JML’s expertise and unrivalled knowledge of Africa and the Middle East, the company has been involved in a wide range of strategic partnerships in those regions, mainly in the fields of infrastructure, water, energy, oil and gas and Transportation. JML is also active in the security and defense sectors and markets a wide range of leading equipment and cutting-edge technology solutions.
  • JML entered a new stage of development with its African arm, where the group has strengthened its network of West African subsidiaries in Conakry, Abidjan, Kinshasa and Dakar